1964 Twin Turbo GMC C10


When you see an old, rusted up GMC that looks like its been sitting on a farm somewhere for decades, the last thing you’d suspect is that it would have a twin turbo system that makes MAJOR power! Loren Sharrard built one badass farm truck that will blow the doors off of just about anyone who challenges him on the street.


Loren doesn’t even have a Facebook account, but he is passionate about his truck and passionate about going fast. The guys over at Speed Hunters tracked him down in Arizona to get some badass pictures and a bunch of video footage.


Loren’s passion for speed and muscle started when he was just a kid. At age 16 he competed in a racing league. They would do a 5 mile race on the street, and then go back to the drag strip to prove who was the fastest.


The truck was originally from the northern part of California, and Lauren bought the truck for just $600 from Craigslist. The entire truck was stripped down to just the cab, bed, and the frame. Let get into what’s done to the truck…

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