1964 Twin Turbo GMC C10

After just a year and a half of working on this 1964 GMC C10, Loren and his son Brian were able to create the twin turbo beast you see here. The power plant is a 6.2l LS3 V8 that is force fed air with its 63mm Borg Warner turbos. The LS3 also has a 92mm throttle body made by Nick Williams.


The truck dynoed at over 1,200hp when it ran 15psi of boost, but since has been detuned to around 650hp at 5psi to keep it steerable and reliable…

How does one keep the truck on the road with all that power? The 1964 GMC C10 is equipped with 295/65r16 Hoosier drag radials, and the American Racing Torque Thrust wheels are for looks.


Loren installed a 4-link air suspension system in the rear of the truck, and a basic a-arm airbag suspension system up front. The bags are only used to get him down his dirt driveway, but other than that, the truck stays dropped.


This 1964 twin turbo GMC C10 is definitely one of those rare trucks that you don’t see every day and Loren and Brian definitely did a great job on it!

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