2013 Baja 1000

Desert racing is one of the most grueling and intense sports in the world because not only do you have to be great physical shape to withstand the harsh environment, but you really have to be mentally prepared. There will be times where you just want to give up because something ALWAYS goes wrong, but you have to be quick and be prepared to fix the issue to continue on with the race and leave whatever the issue was in the dust behind you. With speeds up to 140 mph in a trophy truck, you’re flying through the rough and unforgiving desert terrain. One mistake and it could cost you your vehicle or your life which means you really have to know you’re ready before you hop in one of these off-road machines.

A lot of people think that racing is easy and that anyone could hop in and do good in a race, but that is not the case at all. There are countless hours of preparation involved in off-road racing that is unseen by the spectators. The vehicles are torn down to the chassis and gone through completely. Everything on the vehicle is thoroughly inspected and inspected again to make sure they have zero issues for the next race. Parts that are damaged, or even questionable, are thrown out and replaced. Then, the vehicle goes out testing before the race, which is where they can experiment with different configurations from the gear ratios to the suspension tuning in the shocks. Then the vehicle goes back for another preparation before the actual race. There is countless hours and dollars spent in off-road racing, and it is definitely not by any means, an easy sport.

Check out this documentary of the 2013 Baja 1000 and see just how dangerous and awesome this sport is. If you could choose, which class would you race? Leave a comment below!


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