2474 Horsepower Cummins

The latest thing in the diesel performance industry is being able to make over 2,000 horsepower and still be able to drive off the dyno. Shawn Baca set out to built the fastest Cummins in the industry with a truck he was building nicknamed “SHREDDER”. Shawn and the team at Industrial Injection in Utah came up with the plan and set out to achieve over 2,000 horsepower for the Ultimate Callout Challenge. They unofficially achieved the goal at the Industrial Injection shop, but unfortunately, the SHREDDER was wrecked before the UCC. Instead of giving up on the dream, Shawn would not give up on the goal and built the sequel, “SHREDDER 2”.  SHREDDER 2 was a shock to the entire diesel performance industry because everyone thought that Shawn and the Industrial Injection team was out of the competition after the truck was wrecked and totaled. This, I’m sure, made a lot of shops angry when they saw that Shawn and Industrial Injection, in fact, were still in the competition and were in it to win it. Shawn and the whole team over at Industrial Injection knocked this build out of the park! Baca’s truck, “SHREDDER 2”, attended the Ultimate Callout Challenge in Utah where they managed to achieve and astounding 2474 horsepower and 3240 ft.-lbs. of torque! Ya, you read that right, this truck made well over 2000 horsepower without any issues. It’s crazy to think about how many hours have been put into this truck to tweak and tune it till it’s just right. The video above shows the exact pull that won him the dyno competition on day 1 of the UCC. We can’t wait to see what Baca has in store for his record breaking Cummins, and we cant wait to see what other records he might break with this beast. Let us know what you think.

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