665 Horsepower 1994 12 Valve Cummins

Mitchell Reyneveld fell in love with the 12 Valve Cummins engines a couple years ago when he started getting into diesels. Something about a diesel not controlled by modern computers just adds to the badass factor! Mitch bought this 12 Valve almost completely stock and had a vision to build a fast and extremely reliable work truck 12 Valve Cummins.

Step 1 was pulling the engine and sending it off to a company called Jefferson State Diesel in Redding, CA. Jefferson State Diesel is well-known for their 12 Valve Cummins engine builds and Mitch thought they would be the perfect shop to build his engine. After many conversations back and fourth talking about the vision of the truck, JSD came up with a plan. They completely went through engine and upgraded virtually every part (rods, pistons, bored heads, studs, cam, etc.). As most of you know, Dodge is known for their not so great stock transmissions, so JSD did a full stage 5 build on the transmission to hold all the extra power. 

They over built the engine and built the best possible transmission because Mitch wanted the truck as reliable as possible. After they finished the engine, it was time to decide what turbo setup they wanted to go with and how much fuel they wanted to push. It needed to be quick-spooling while keeping the smoke manageable while street driving it. 

For the turbo setup, they decided on a 75mm turbo over a 63mm turbo compound kit. This setup would be quick spooling while still making a good amount of power. JSD fabricated custom piping for the kit. Now all they needed to figure out fuel!

Since it is a work truck/daily driver, the smoke needed to be minimal but still feed enough fuel to keep up with the air being pushed from the turbos. They decided on 175 HP injectors with a 12mm fuel pump. With some tuning of the fuel pump, it turned out to work perfectly!

Now it was time for Mitch to give the truck his own personal touch. In order to keep the truck functional and easy to get in and out of and get rid of the “stink bug” look, he installed a 3″ leveling kit. He found some classic 18×10 Weld Racing Cheyenne wheels and wrapped them in 33×12.5″ Toyo MT tires. The seats inside were custom reuphostered in black leather, and a sound system was added. The entire truck was re painted white as well.

Overall, this is one of the cleanest, most reliable and functional 12 Valve Cummins trucks on the road! Awesome build!

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