Cammed Silverado

A cammed V8 is music to any auto enthusiasts ears!

A cam is really a fairly inexpensive way to give a gas motor that extra boost of power that people are constantly looking for out of their vehicles. A lot of people turn to buying those “plug and play” hand-held tuners that you can buy online, but in reality, most of them do nothing but changing the shifting points and shifting firmness. Although it may seem like your truck is a lot faster, in reality, your truck is probably not significantly faster. A cam varies in cost, but from what we’ve seen, they usually cost anywhere from $800-$1400 installed. Of course, you are then going to have to get your truck re-tuned which we’ve found to cost around $300-$500 depending on who you have tune your truck. You will definitely notice a significant increase in speed, and the horsepower gains will not lie. I encourage you to dyno your truck before and after you have your truck cammed, and, depending on the cam, I bet you will be very happy with the increase. But wait…

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