Carlos’s Dirt Designs Built Cummins Prerunner



Carlos Calderon has built one of the most iconic diesel trucks in the off-road community. The base truck was just a regular ole 24 valve 2nd generation Cummins, but Carlos and Steve over at Dirt Designs had a vision for it that would change the way that people looked at diesel trucks in the off-road community, forever. Steve tore the truck completely apart and started to work his magic. They back-halved the truck, meaning they cut the frame at the back of the cab, and started to cage the whole truck from front to back.


The rear is setup as a 4 link suspension system which allows Carlos to pull 30″ of suspension travel back there. Up front, they ditched the solid axle configuration, and Steve made a custom I-beam suspension system which would be a whole lot more rigid than his other option, independent front suspension. The I-beams would give him more suspension travel, and allow him to hit bigger terrain…

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