Dad’s Reaction to Twin Turbo Duramax

Jakob Hernig, or @aguyfromalabama on Instagram, has built one of the most iconic twin turbo LBZ Duramax’s on the internet. He started making YouTube videos on the Duramax he had built before this one, and he noticed that they were getting  lot of attention from the diesel performance community. He decided to build his LBZ Duramax and continue to create videos on it which has given him and his truck a ton of exposure and has given people everywhere inspiration for their own trucks. Jakob’s features a drop in HSP twin kit which compounds his stock turbo with a bigger aftermarket turbo which, in return, gives his stock-like spool up times with a huge gain in top end power. In order to feed the fuel demands of the twin kit, he added 40 over injectors which gave it the perfect amount of fuel. We all know the Allison transmission is known to be one of the most reliable transmissions on a truck with stock power, but as soon as you start adding power to them, they fall apart real quick. Jakob opted for a Big Dipper Allison transmission which is more than capable of holding the horsepower and torque that his twin turbo Duramax puts out. If you have seen any of his videos, you’d know that he is definitely not easy on his truck, but he’s had the twin turbo kit and all the other upgrades on the truck for over 100,000k miles and the truck is still going strong. He’s only had a few minor issues that are expected with a twin turbo truck.

Jakob loves to film these reaction videos of people experiencing the power of the twin turbo Duramax for the first time. This video shows his dad’s first reaction to the twin turbo Duramax, and man, it sure does make for a good video!


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