Is The 2017 Ford Raptor All That It’s Cracked Out To Be?

Ford is really making a bold statement with their all new 2017 Raptor. The new truck has a lot of cool new features that any off-road enthusiast can respect. Lets take a look at what they’ve changed with the new 2017 Raptor.


One of the first things you notice is that they’ve updated the look of the 2017 Raptor to coincide with the new look of their F150s. The new design features a unique all aluminum body which cuts down weight by around 450 pounds! When you’re an off-road enthusiast, weight reduction can be key, but is the weight reduction worth the cost of repairs?

Tests have been done showing that aluminum bodies cost around 30% more money to repair than steel bodies do. We’re not talking a couple dollar difference here. Body work can get pricy which can mean the difference of a couple thousand dollars. Any off-roader knows that when it comes to battling the elements, repairs are a common occurrence, so it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to be using the truck for and if the extra cost of the repairs are worth it to you.

Next, let’s discuss the specs of the drivetrain that the 2017 Raptor offers…

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