Rutledge Wood’s Toyota Tundra

imageThe truck also features a custom body kit made by a well-known body kit manufacturer called TRA Kyoto. TRA Kyoto is known to create wide body kits for tuner cars, but they made a special kit for Rutledge’s Tundra which created an insane amount of hype in the Toyota Tundra community. Wider wheels, and General Grabber tires were put on the truck to give it an aggressive street/all-terrain truck look and gained a lot of respect from both the street truck community and the off-road truck community.


Rutledge built the Tundra to take part in the 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour event. The truck won’t actually be competing in the event, which he’s leaving up to his 1968 Chevy Camaro. The yellow Toyota Tundra was built as his chase/support vehicle in the event, but has actually given him and his crew more hype overall than his Camaro has given him. It’s funny how some things that are never intended to take off gain traction and become a huge sensation.

Definitely an eye catching and uniquely amazing build. Be sure to check out his Instagram page for more pictures as he releases them!

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