Sand Dunes in the Midwest?!


Frank Taylor (Owner of the white Chevy prerunner) picked us up from Chicago and we drove to Silver Lake that night through thunder, lightning, and rain storms, and stayed at the Silver Lake RV park. We noticed right away that the culture was very different from California and the coast, because there wasn’t any partying going on, or people doing stupid stuff, so we were a bit skeptical on what to expect.

The next day, the day before the event, we went out to the dunes to check it out. We stopped by B&L Motorsports right outside the dunes to stop in and see what they had going on. They are a dealer for PRP Seats and a lot of other companies that are based out of California, and they are the ones that get the product out in the hands of the people out in the Midwest. We then loaded up and set out for the dunes. Frank loaned us a Raptor so we didn’t feel left out haha!


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The dunes there are pretty small compared to California dunes, and they have a lot of weird rules. For instance, they have a directional park, meaning you can only drive one direction around the park, sort of like a circle track. It was different and took a little bit to get used to, but by the end of the day it actually made a lot of sense and we actually felt safer driving around int he dunes. On the first day, the day before the event, there wasn’t a lot of people there so we were worried it would be a dud event, but man we were wrong…

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  • It was great to meet you Matt. We look forward to your next visit. Thank You for writing about SLSD on your TruckDaily site and your Instagram account.

  • It was nice to meet you guys, hope you had a good time.
    Jamie from “Sand Cinema”