Sand Dunes in the Midwest?!

Mike cooked us some amazing food and we had a blast talking about the day at the dunes. When everyone was stuffed, Frank and Mike had the brilliant idea to roast the tires off their trucks in what was one of the biggest burnouts we’ve ever witnessed or seen on the internet. The smoke cloud was so big that people could see, smell, and hear it from miles away. The smell of burning rubber lingered in the air of the surrounding area for hours!!

Special thanks to Frank, Mike, and their families and friends for their amazing hospitality and showing us what Midwest off-roading is all about!

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  • It was great to meet you Matt. We look forward to your next visit. Thank You for writing about SLSD on your TruckDaily site and your Instagram account.

  • It was nice to meet you guys, hope you had a good time.
    Jamie from “Sand Cinema”