Truck Jumps Canal at Glamis Sand Dunes

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Glamis sand dunes is home to some of the biggest and baddest sand dunes in the United States. Located just east of El Centro, CA, Glamis attracts thousands of off-road racers and enthusiasts each year. When looking out from a high point, the dunes stretch for miles upon miles and actually continue going into Mexico. One of the main reasons why Glamis is such an attractive destination to get your “dune fix” is that its so big and there is such a variety of terrain that you can head into the dunes for a mile or so and not see anyone else and not have to worry as much as you would in some places like Dumont sand dunes. Glamis is fun because if you love to ride big dunes, it has that. If you like desert-like trail riding and adventuring, it has that. If you like dune trail riding, it has that. There are so many different options and destinations when it comes to riding in Glamis that you’d have to be there for months to explore the whole thing. I highly recommend to go to Glamis sand dunes on a busier weekend like Thanksgiving weekend so you can experience the party that goes on. It’s almost like everyone is on a non-official schedule and everyone goes to certain places at certain times. When we went last year, everyone would head out to Oldsmobile Hill until afternoon. Then, everyone would go back to their camps and eat dinner. Next, everyone would take their vehicles out to the sand drags, watch vehicles run down the strip, and hang out all evening long until it got dark. When it got dark, everyone would head out to Oldsmobile Hill again which is where the real party started. Everyone would set up a fire at their vehicles and watch vehicles go un and down the hill until late at night when the Rangers would kick everyone out and make everyone go back to camp. All in all, Glamis is a very fun and exciting experience and I highly recommend it.

In this video you will see Jeff Seifert jump the canal, at Glamis sand dunes, in his prerunner.


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