Trucker Pulls Over Cop For Speeding

We all know there are crooked cops in this day and age that we live in, and this is a prime example of a cop trying to take advantage of a truck driver who believed that this cop was putting other drivers at risk in their commute. Truck driver Brian Miner had his cruise control set to 65 miles per hour which was 5 miles per hour under the speed limit on the road he was driving. He then sees this cop pass him at speeds well over 5 miles per hour faster than he was going. Not only was the officer speeding, but he was using his cell phone, so Brian decided to take it upon himself to be a good citizen and honk his horn at the officer to inform him that he was putting other drivers on the road in danger. The cop then pull over and starts to question him as to why he honked his horn at him. The officer then tries to find anything he can to give Brian a ticket by asking him for his driver log for the day and asking him how fast he was going. Brian had the upper hand because he is well educated on the law. When the officer came back after taking Brian’s license and registration to his car, he suddenly had a change of mood. The officer knew he was in the wrong if he were to escalate the situation, and because he was being recorded, he decided to back down and not give Brian a ticket. This just goes to show you that you should always record your encounters with officers of the law because you never know who you’re dealing with and what they might do to try to give you a ticket and collect revenue, or detain you for no reason.


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